Entrance Protocols

  1. All entrants to the venue, be they staff members, players, or event management staff or third-party services providers or suppliers, will be subjected to a specialized entry sanitization protocol for the entire duration of the event.
  2. The sanitizing booths will have the following capabilities:
  3. Spraying of disinfectant: Spraying of fine mist containing chlorine dioxide disinfectant supposed to kill pathogens including viruses and bacteria.
  4. Temperature screening: Our crew will conduct human temperature collection in a fast and efficient manner. If a guest exceeds 38 Degrees Celsius, we will consider it abnormal temperature and might be recommended to undergo a COVID-19 test.
  5. Once through with accessing specialized sanitization booths kindly register your contact tracing details. Registration for contact tracing purposes  at the  main entrance will entail providing the following details

a) Names

b) Districts of origin

c) Telephone number

d) Time of arrival

e) Body temperature

7. You will be guided to your designated seating point if you are not a player.

8. Enjoy and exit safely

Once you access entry, normal rules against COVID-19 will apply.