[October 03-04, Rwamagana, Falcon Golf Club] Falcon Summer Golf


Notable Players

Jack Kayonga

Jack Nkusi Kayonga is considered one of Rwanda’s most avid amateur golfers. Among his contributions to development of the game in Rwanda

Ceasar Kayizari

Rtd.Lt.Gen Kayizari is on record to have scored a 60 net handicap as winner way back in 2012 during inaugural Dubai Holiday sponsored 2 day

Innocent Rutamu

Innocent Rutamu is the founder and chairman of Falcon Golf and Country Club which was created in 2013 as an alternative to the Kigali Golf

Alice Rwigeme

Davis Kashaka

Bheki Mthembu

Bheki emerged the overall winner with 43 stableford points in 2019 edition of Falcon Golf Tournament.

Louis Kamanzi

Milcah Kamere

Milca Kamere is considered by many enthusiasts as one of the most promising female amateur golfing players in Rwanda.

Ben Rufagari

Francis Rugomboka

Nikhil S Rawal

Malvika N Rawal

Ivan Murenzi